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LDR Headgear School Color Strap Sets. Every Strap needed plus Chin Cup and Strap.
Check out our new designer Red, Green, Blue, Black and Gold Strap Sets.
All sets include Chin Strap and Ventilated Soft Chin Cup and FREE shipping
EARGUARD XP - Adult Black 3 Piece
  • Adult/Youth Size Determination Head Circumference    Youth 19-20" Adult 21-25"
  • This Headgear not just "ear-gear" it metigates concussion the user and opponent.
  • More concussion reduction by protecting temporal and cranium areas.
  • Exclusive “ConTek” patented material absorbs head Impact mitigates concussion.
  • Non-toxic, non friction antimicrobial cross linked material.
  • Excellent shock absorption and abrasion resistant material.
  • Decrease anterior and posterior head impact to reduce concussion
  • New Patented LDR Easy Adjustable Lace Locking System.”
  • Flyweight protection with durability and excellent ventilation.
  • Washing Machine friendly.
  • “ConTek” padding Passed Major League Baseball’s Concussion “Impact Test.”
  • "ConTek” passed the American Standard (ASTM) Mat impact testing.
  • Headgear NFHS Compliant & Approved 
Exclusive/patented  “ConTek” material is a non-toxic cross-link antimicrobial polymer.  We have a specialized formulation which features excellent shock absorption, waterproofing, abrasion resistance, comfortable and very light weight. Mitigate Head Impact and Concussion.