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Our Mission is to provide you the best technology,materials and product which will allow you an extra layer of protection without changing the intent of the games you play.

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What is LDR?

We design, test and manufacture sports impact protection equipment for the athletes head and other parts of the body. Our aim is to reduce the impact that athletes see while playing their respective sports without reducing their ability to participate and excel in that sport. The athletes themselves test out our designs in their respective sports. The three founders of LDR all played contact sports at an All American, International or Professional level and we understand the importance of testing our ideas at that level of very high performance. We are committed to manufacturing quality products and reducing the impact athletes see in their sports.

We also have demonstrated the ability to score 26% below the required Severity Index test from Major League Baseball's frontal 80mph impact test.

What is Contek™ Material?

Exclusive/patented ConTek™ material is a non-toxic, crossed-linked, polymer. We have specialized formulations which feature excellent shock absorption, waterproofing, abrasion resistance,and best of all light weight.

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